Things I’ve Learned: Pre-freeCodeCamp

Today I’m starting freeCodeCamp and the #100DaysOfCode! I wanted to get this site updated with HTML5, CSS3, and a new layout before then, since HTML/CSS isn’t new code to me. I’ve done that now, but I still learned a lot — should’ve started the 100 days back when all this started on Memorial Day haha. I’ve been wrangling:

  • how to migrate WordPress databases to a new domain/server
  • how HTML5 and CSS3 are different from XHTML
  • how to use icon fonts, specifically Genericons and Social Logos
  • how to make slanted headers/footers with SVGs
  • how to code responsive text
  • how to buy & install a SSL certificate
  • how to use GitHub beyond simply committing updates for work

I almost got sidetracked into WordPress land by wanting to install a local environment to help test themes, but figured I should wait and not do too much at once. Plus, these 2 projects will definitely help with contributing to WordPress in the future.

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