In a nutshell, I’ve revamped my old personal blog into more of a portfolio, and documenting my journey along the way. I want to learn more coding techniques and languages, and eventually change my career path to web and/or WordPress development. It’s what I did as a hobby during my free time in middle/high school and college, and I still enjoy it now — even after almost a decade of real-world work and “adulting.”

I’ve started by signing up with freeCodeCamp, as I like the idea of helping others (eventually) and creating something brand new. I then created this shiny new domain and layout, which is hand-coded and proudly registered/hosted with Namecheap as of May 29, 2017. In July I volunteered at my first WordCamp, and by the end of the year I plan to attend 2 more — ending with WordCamp US!

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